From the time in 1989 that Wolfgang Dietz made his dream come true to establish and equip a small workshop in Neustadt an der Aisch in order to build clarinets on his own, the objective was to build handmade, high quality clarinets in the way and manner he had in mind.

Together with his son Ludwig and six co-workers he does not only strive to create an excellent sound for the Dietz clarinets, but also for an easy blowing response, coupled to special attention for custom-built, high quality key work. This enables the clarinetist to play in a comfortable way which will not be possible with conventionally built clarinets.

After the first initial years of his independency the development and production process which mainly featured German System clarinets, Wolfgang Dietz has been focusing these last years in particular:

• on the further improvement of the Reform Boehm Clarinet ;
• on the development of the classical Boehm Clarinet with French bore ;
• and on the new development of the Hybrid Boehm Clarinet .

By offering three different types of Boehm clarinets a broad spectrum of various sound colors has been put at your disposal.
It goes without saying that we when building our Boehm system clarinets are open to specific individual wishes and suggestions.

On the following pages you will be able to get elaborate information at your convenient ease of our complete range of Dietz Boehm clarinets. We will be glad when you allow us to assist you in your quest for a fitting Boehm clarinet and to personally answer all your questions. Wolfgangand Ludwig Dietz and their co-workers will gladly answer all your questions, either by telephone +49 9161-4619 or by e-mail

At a visit at our workshop in Neustadt an der Aisch you will have the opportunity to play our instruments, to test them extensively and to get personal advice from the Master builder.