By selecting a matching mouthpiece for your clarinet you will be able to achieve your ideals with regard to the sound you have in mind and to the demands for your ideal instrument. We will be glad to send you a selection of our mouthpieces and you are more than welcome to come and try out the mouthpieces in our workshop.

Boehm Mouthpieces

The Boehm mouthpieces S21 and S21+ have to be played with Boehm reeds and distinguish themselves by an easy response and a larger tone volume which in its turn allows for a wider range of expression.

German Mouthpieces

The German mouthpieces we manufacture in different lays. They are distinguished with a two digit number. The first digit represents the length of the lay (1= short; 2 =medium; 3=long) and the second digit indicates the overall opening, which becomes more open when the digit goes up in value. A plus sign (+) behind the last digit indicates that the opening at the tip of the lay of the mouthpiece is wider. These mouthpieces will have to be played with the reeds with the German cut and they give the instrument a controlled “feel of blowing” and a woodier sound.