Bb'- mechanism

Our clarinets with Bb`mechanism are made for improved intonation of the twelfth and a better sound of Bb`.

Due to the use of the register key for overblowing and for the Bb´ you have to accept two compromises on common clarinets. Firstly the intonation of the different registers is not perfect and secondly the sound of Bb´ tends to be noisy and muffled.

By adding a new tone hole - which is only opened for the Bb´ - these compromises can be reduced significantly. As now the new tone hole for Bb´ is larger its sound is much bigger and clearer than on commonly used clarinets. The size of the register key tone hole can be reduced. This results in an improved intonation of the whole instrument. Thus on clarinets with Bb´ mechanism an additional low E/F – mechanism is no longer needed essentially.

The Bb´ mechanism is available for all A/Bb clarinets.